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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Plemmons Scholars required to do each year?

You can find the list of program requirements here.

What are the benefits of being a Plemmons Scholar?

Plemmons Scholars are awarded a $2,000 scholarship each year over four years. They also engage in networking and mentorship from campus staff, administrators, and upper class peers. Throughout the four-year program, Plemmons Scholars expand their leadership efficacy, capacity, motivation, and enactment through experiences in and out of the classroom.

What is the time commitment to the Plemmons Scholars program?

The Plemmons Scholars meet as a whole group twice per month, and the meetings last one hour each. Plemmons Scholars also have the opportunity to engage in service-learning, social, and other learning experiences together throughout the semester. Overall, the typical Plemmons Scholar engages in about 5 hours of activities related to the program each month.

Do I need to have my leadership skills already developed to be a Plemmons Scholar?

No! The Plemmons Scholars program is about the development of leadership capacity, providing a wide range of opportunities and contexts for students to enact leadership. We do not believe students are "born" as natural leaders; rather, we believe leadership can be learned, and anyone has the capacity to lead. Prospective applicants do not need to have held formal positional leadership roles to be considered for this program.

What is the required First Year Seminar like?

As a first-year Plemmons Scholar, you will be enrolled in UCO 1200: Leadership in Action with your entire cohort in the fall semester. This course is designed to introduce you to leadership and community engagement through the Social Change Model of Leadership Development. The course will provide you with opportunities for self-discovery, personal growth and skill development through active learning and group discussions. 

What have past and current Plemmons Scholars been involved in?

Current Plemmons Leadership Scholars are engaged across campus and the community. They have studied abroad, had on-campus jobs, completed internships, been awarded highest academic honors, and performed in campus theatrical productions. Plemmons Scholars are serving in leadership roles including Senate President Pro-Tempore, Sorority President, AppTV Producer, Student Orientation Leader (SOUL), and Appalachian Ambassador.

What if my GPA drops below a 3.0?

Plemmons Leadership Scholars whose GPA drops below 3.0 will be asked to meet with the program directors to develop academic strategies for the coming year. If a Plemmons Scholar has below a 3.0 for more than 2 semesters, their future standing in the program will be evaluated.

I'm interested in becoming a Plemmons Scholar, but I also want to be in the... (Honors College or Watauga Residential College). Can I do both?

Yes! Many of our past scholars have also been in the Honors College or Watauga College. We will work with you to make sure that you will benefit from both!

I'm a new Plemmons Scholar and... (Honors Student or Watauga College Student). I'm being told that I have to enroll in multiple First Year Seminar courses. What do I do?

The Honors College has their own seminar, and Watauga College has a combined seminar and writing course. Both of these are important for you to participate in; but, we think our seminar is important too, because it is one of the only times in your years on campus when you are guaranteed to be with your entire Plemmons cohort. So, don't worry, we will work with you to make everything work together! Generally, the Honors College will let you take our First Year Seminar in place of theirs in the first year (*subject to change, but for now this is how it works). Since Watauga College's requirements are so unique, you'll enroll in their seminar, and which will count towards your official First Year Seminar requirement for the university. We'll then work with you to create a different course code for you to use to register for our class, which will count as an elective, so you can participate with your cohort without seeing the same course code on your transcript. If you are in the Honors College or Watauga College, just get in touch with one of the Plemmons Co-Directors before you start registering for courses and we'll get everything figured out!

I'm a new Plemmons Scholar. Am I required to register for the Trailhead Experience?

No, Trailhead is not required for new Plemmons Scholars. However, it is a great experience and is strongly recommended. Please note, though, that registration typically fills up fast (often by late May or early June), so if you want to participate you should sign up as soon as possible.