Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be a Plemmons Scholar?

Plemmons are selected based on their demonstration of leadership and involvement in their high school and community. Members of the Plemmons program become a part of a four year in-depth experience aimed at further creating successful leaders. Plemmons are expected to become involved on campus and in the Appalachian community.

What are Plemmons required to do their freshmen year as a member of the program?

Freshmen Plemmons will attend a retreat shortly after moving to campus. This is a way for the freshmen class to get to know each other while having some fun. Freshmen Plemmons are also required to enroll in a leadership class. Both the retreat and the leadership course bring the freshmen Plemmons closer together!

Expectations of Freshmen Plemmons

  • Must become a member of at least one campus organization in the fall semester and two in the spring semester
  • Attempt to acquire a leadership role before the end of spring semester
  • Participate in a service project outside of service learning project each semester
  • Attend a community based meeting or event

As a Plemmons Scholar, what do you do on campus?

Plemmons serves as a HUGE networking tool to get involved on campus. As a group, Plemmons helps to put on the annual Walk For Awareness as well as a host of other campus events and service projects.

Do all Plemmons Scholars have to be involved in similar clubs/organizations?

Not at all. The Plemmons Scholars Program is more of an outlet to get the fellows involved in anything they find interesting. The Plemmons Scholars group represents a wide variety of clubs, organizations and volunteer opportunities.

What is the required Leadership class like?

The course name is Principles of Leadership. The class is about leadership theory, applications of leadership, and developing and implementing your own leadership plan. The course will provide students with opportunities for self-discovery, personal growth and skill development through active learning and group discussions.

What is the time commitment to the Plemmons program?

The Plemmons meet as a whole group twice a month. The meetings last about an hour each. Other opportunities, like service projects, with the Plemmons Scholars will come up throughout the semester.

Do I need to have all my leadership skills already developed to be a Plemmons?

No! The Plemmons program is about the development of leadership ability and how it provides opportunities and encouraging lessons to fill these roles.